Best Vacuum Cleaner for Small Apartment in 2022

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Small Apartment

Are you suffering from storage issues in your tiny apartment? Do you have pets who keep on loitering and shedding things? Or, are you willing to purchase a cleaner that is compact enough and can be maintained easily in your small closet?

We all get prone to numerous respiratory and health issues, from hundreds of hairs falling off every day to the dust that accumulates within the carpets to the bacteria and microbes. For that reason, cleaning and maintaining hygiene is all we have got to do, and nothing can be better than vacuuming things for better cleaning.

It is indeed true that vacuum cleaners are an excellent means of maintaining cleanliness and good hygiene. So, if you search for the best small vacuum cleaners, you have come to the right place.

Buying Guide for Best Vacuum Cleaner for Small Apartment in 2022

It is correctly said, ‘Precaution is better than cure.’ In similar means, why regret later when you can have a good knowledge of the product beforehand. One should be well-versed with all the pros and cons of any product before buying it. For that reason, we have compiled all the features that you should consider before making any choice.

The cleaner according to your space

If we compare independent homes and small apartments, the latter do not have enough space compared to the former one. This also depends on what you have kept inside your house, be it furniture, electric appliances, some decor, or any other relevant or irrelevant item, taking up space.

In general, when we set up the home interior, we are mostly left with little space in the apartment, which becomes the deciding factor in buying a vacuum cleaner. Also, some vacuum cleaners can be too big for the apartment, looking out of place. At the same time, some can even be too small, which hardly becomes noticeable. You really don’t need a big cleaner with excellent suction power, as there is a wide availability of the best small powerful vacuum cleaners.

This allows you to head up for the small compact vacuum cleaners, conveniently placed in any corner of the house.

Surfaces that you have

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, they work with different suction abilities on other surfaces. Let’s talk about any floor which is carpeted. It requires a robust and powerful brush roll that can agitate the dirt which gets stuck between the carpet fibers. On the other hand, a plain hard surface won’t require it. If you have a combination of the flooring, opt for some cleaner that lets you regulate the brush switch. You can look for the vacuum, which allows you to adjust the head height as per your surface-level needs. In that case, you’ll have a single device that will clean up all the unreachable spots.

 Noise level of the vacuum

Look out for the device which has excellent insulation and which works with excellent airflow in-built technology. This helps to cover up all the noise produced by the vacuum cleaner. You’ll definitely get a decent device emitting frequency as low as in the range of 50-65 dB. This range won’t even be problematic for your neighbors, and you can work comfortably at your convenient time.

Attachments required by the vacuum

The sole aim of the attachments is to enhance the device’s versatility. Still, they are often of no great help but just are kept for increasing the product price. So, you should consider buying a multiple surface head cleaner rather than the one which requires many nozzles and add ons to attach. This will let you save a lot of costs and also space.

Upright VS Canister

Now when it comes to these two, both the upright and canister work very well, respectively. Upright and canister have their own advantages and disadvantages concerning dimensions, features, and suction abilities. To mention a few, the canisters are user-friendly, can reach up to tricky spots, and also do not require a lot of storage space. While the upright one has those accessories which extend the cleaning abilities. It also has a swivel head which moves amazingly freely and cleans with that excellence. But they are more prominent in comparison to the canisters.

So, if the requirement is for a small vacuum cleaner for homes or small apartments, we would recommend the canisters as they are suitable for the small storage space.

Corded Vacuums VS. Non-Corded Vacuums

Both corded and non-coded vacuum cleaners have their own pros and cons. The non-corded ones are portable and allow us efficient cleaning. However, they do not work well when it comes to some heavy vacuuming. On the other hand, the corded vacuum cleaners may seem fuzzy. Still, they clean the trapped dirt off the carpet very efficiently. But you can definitely get a combination of the pros. Go for the corded vacuum cleaners for your tiny apartment, which comes with an adjustable power switch and an inbuilt brush for those carpet dust.

Descent suction power

What is the use of the vacuum if you are struggling to clean the dirt from irregular surfaces? A lot of your disappointment comes out of the vacuums’ suction power. So, lookout for a device that has a powerful suction in a compact size. Strong motors with sound insulation to reduce noise are the perfect combination for consideration. These features together make the vacuum’s working versatile without compromising on the power.

Weight of the vacuum

You definitely won’t be liking a bulky unit for your small space, isn’t it? The best cleaners for tiny apartments should be light in weight, light to the extent that you can walk around with it easily in your entire space without messing up with things. So, it is likely to have a clear picture of an ideal lightweight vacuum before buying it.


For sure, all of us search for a free moving unit that turns its head in all directions all around the apartment. That easy swing is what matters for everyone. Those easy-breezy wheels of the vacuum make our work a lot easier. Many brands provide these facilities on a budget, but why regret later when you later see it, once you get it. So, read about the product details well before buying.

Capacity to hold dirt

Now this one is all based upon the amount of dirt that gets accumulated in your apartment. If already your space remains relatively clean and doesn’t require those bulky storage vacuums, then go for the compact size ones. If you have a lot of mess to clean and a vast aggregated form of dirt that sticks around the uneasy surfaces, go for some cleaners that come with a good dirt storage capacity.

Efficient filtration

One should always aim for a filtration system that can quickly get a hold of the tiniest form of dirt from uneasy surfaces. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing Filter) is known to serve the best practice. The filter’s efficiency should target 99.9%, as it should not let any allergen pass off the vacuum. Else, the whole purpose of the vacuum cleaning will be sustained.  The filter should come up with a guaranteed allergen trapping system.

Maintenance requirements

A vacuum cleaner has different parts: a brush, dustbin, filters, swirl head, and other accessories. These various parts require maintenance and cleaning at different levels. Also, if you have got a bagged vacuum, it will demand you to replace the bags every month or so. However, those which aren’t bagged will require frequent washing of the bins. After all, there will come instances when those frizzy hair strands may get stuck in between the vacuum’s brushes. So, accordingly, you need to place your eye on a suitable device that doesn’t make your cleaning work too complicated.

In the sooq, you can come across many brands providing an inbuilt cleaning system also so that your work gets simplified. You should definitely go for those cleaners.

Warranty of the Vacuum Cleaner

Who doesn’t want to be assured of the purchase of any product, right?

Vacuums generally come with a 1 year of warranty. However, many companies even claim a 5-year warranty of selective parts of the vacuum. This definitely shows their confidence level in their products’ service. With confidence also comes the surety of the durability of the product. So, keep a watch on a descent warranty period also, as it will assure you the brand’s quality service.

Price of the product

Investing a lot of money in small apartments won’t be justiciable. You need to have a good search eye for the products as per your requirement. Do not go for something which will cost you too much. Also, many a time, various vacuum cleaners have completely useless accessories for tiny apartments. So, you have to be very clear about your required features as per the space available and consider all aspects that would matter.

So definitely go for a budget-friendly, user-friendly, space-friendly, and technology-friendly device.

FAQs on Best Vacuum Cleaner for Small Apartment in 2022

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

There is a proper process as to how a vacuum cleaner works. This process should be known by you to save yourself from going to the electrician regarding any dysfunctionality that is easy to resolve by you single-handedly. The process is:

  • When we draw out air from any space, it creates a low-pressure system, or we can say, forms the vacuum.
  • Then, the air from outside moves and fills the low-pressure area.
  • While flowing in, the air picks up the tiny dirt particles from the outside and fills the vacuum cleaner’s dustbin.

How do you deodorize a vacuum cleaner?

With all the dirt accumulated inside the vacuum cleaner, there comes the stinky smell after some use of time. The bags and the filters get dirty, and the attachments also become smelly after some usage. So, it turns out to be obligatory to get rid of this smell. For this, there is a proper treatment which can be done at home. However, it is different for different types of vacuum cleaners.

If you have a bagged cleaner, then immediately replace the stinky bag with an afresh one. On the other hand, if you have those bagless vacuum cleaners, first, remove the dirt storage cup and wipe off its walls. Then go for cleaning the filters. And lastly, clean the attachments and the accessories.

How do we know that a vacuum cleaner is robust or not?

Before purchasing the cleaner, it is pretty essential to know whether your desired model is robust or not. This can be done by understanding the vacuum airflow. It is the most critical feature to be understood. The vacuum airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, also known as CFM. The greater the CFM values, the more force it will exert on the dirt particles to dump them into the dustbin bag.

What is the disadvantage of a bagless vacuum cleaner?

We do not recommend bagless vacuum cleaners in your purchase because when the dirt gets accumulated in it, it starts smelling around. So, you have to undergo its proper and timely cleaning with significant maintenance in a short period.

How many watts is a good vacuum cleaner?

Considering small apartments’ cleaning, a vacuum cleaner with a power of 250-320 watts should be a decent choice to make. On the other hand, for a bigger and more powerful vacuum cleaner, then the other option you have is with the power range of 250 to 480 W.


We believe, by now, you might be very clear about the things to consider before buying vacuum cleaners for small apartments. So, before purchasing any fancy device that comes in those attractive colors, or which goes out of your budget, or which won’t even serve the purpose of cleaning the tiny apartments, you will definitely recall our discussed points.

Just remember, vacuum cleaners are more than an electronic gadget for your house. So, make a wise choice to purchase it because a wrong decision can make you pay a hefty amount. So, invest very judicially into the unit and use all the knowledge that you have gained.

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